Important milestones in our history


Josip Fock from Kranj founded soap works which remained in family ownership until nationalisation in 1946.


A soap factory (Tvornica mila) was established with eight employees. It manufactured  soap, powdered soap and other chemical products.


The factory was renamed “Oven Kranj”. Due to a decline in the market for washing, cleaning, chemical and cosmetic products, it discontinued the manufacture of soap products in 1960 and  switched to chemical products for foundry and metallurgy.


The company changed its name to “Exoterm chemical works”.


Collapse of the joint Yugoslav market and fall in production. In the 1990’s the company commences ownership transformation.


Beginning of technical cooperation with German companies Eckart Werrke (and its subsidiary “non ferrum” from Austria in the field of production of Alu-dust) and MAGMA GmbH from Aachen in the field of computer simulation in foundry.


Completion of ownership transformation and establishment of a subsidiary company Exoterm-it d.o.o. for production, engineering, representation and trade.


Exoterm-it d.o.o. was awarded the Gazela prize as one of the most dynamic and fastest growing companies in Slovenia.