Our mission is to provide our partners with quality products. With our products and services, which are the result of highly professional and development-creative work, we provide optimal solutions for achieving quality metallurgical and foundry products. Our added value is also the sale of other metallurgical materials, which are crucial for the operation of foundries and steelworks. Due to our size, we are an agile and flexible partner and adapt quickly to market conditions. Our guide for customers is: "EVERYTHING IN ONE PLACE".


We want to strengthen our current position in the domestic, European and other foreign markets and, with the help of professional staff, become the most reliable and environmentally friendly business partner in the sale of auxiliary metallurgical materials and products for foundries and steelworks.


The goal of the company's operations is long-term and stable economic profitability and growth in the volume of operations in all areas from commercial, human resources and market share. Our company is focused on the future and on increasing the selection of sales items and accessibility and flexibility to customers. With the help of digitalization, we are moving to a newer, more advanced business model with which we will adapt even more effectively to our customers and their requirements.