New control method: Exoprobe

Exothermic-insulating materials are used as auxiliary materials in steel foundries, cast iron foundries, non-ferrous foundries and elsewhere. Materials with exothermic and/or insulating function differ in composition, exothermic effect, insulating ability, ignition temperature, method of manufacture and other properties. For effective use of such materials, the manufacturer should be familiar with thermal properties and experimental techniques to achieve the appropriate characteristics at the manufacturing process.

For the industrial control the device for investigated materials was developed and designed. Using the differential thermal analysis their thermal properties of raw materials and manufactured exothermic-insulating materials are investigated, with an aim to optimize and calibrate of industrial device in EXOTERM-IT d.o.o.

The industrial control method Exoprobe allows planning and development of the exothermic-insulating materials, and the process control of the products. Exoprobe works on the principle of maintaining the fixed temperature state of the heating plate by measuring and controlling the power of the heating elements. From the obtained results the thermal properties of materials are calculated. The method Exoprobe is now regularly used in EXOTERM-IT d.o.o.

DATE: Jun 17, 2019
AUTHOR: exoterm
Innovation, Products

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