Company Exoterm – it d.o.o. is one of the largest Central European companies for production, development and sales of insulation and coatings and other inorganic materials for the metallurgy of ferrous and nonferrous alloys.

Employees of the company are aware that quality is no longer meant as a technicality category, like a product compliant with the requirements for that product, but is a broader concept under which the company Exoterm-it d.o.o. understands both, customer satisfaction and the satisfaction of all other parties involved as well. Therefore, a relatively young team of employees, with their knowledge, innovation and experience develops, manufactures and sells quality products and services and is continuously improving them, because we want to offer customers the highest quality products and services. Even after selling our products to customers, we take care of their satisfaction with after sales support, ongoing information and additional service offerings. With the added value we create, we ensure satisfaction of owners and employees.

To ensure the required quality level, we decided to introduce a quality management system ISO 9001:2000 certification at the company BVQI in year 2000. We received the Quality Certificate on 28th November 2001. In November 2010 we received a quality certificate ISO 9001:2008. This certificate was extended in October 2013 to 10.11.2016, with succesfull re-ceretification audit. In september 2016 we successfully passed the recertification of the new version of standard and we received the certificate ISO 9001:2015 which is valid until 10.11.2019.

We are aware that the quality of products and services depends on the quality of individual processes and sub-processes taking place in the company. Therefore, our quality management system is based on a process approach, where the planning and provision of necessary resources and the implementation and monitoring of each process and sub-process individually take place, to guarantee the smooth functioning of processes and sub-processes and, consequently, successful meet the needs of our customers. In managing the quality system we use so-called Deming PDCA Cycle: Plan – Do – Check – Act.

In the company we have set certain quality goals, which we wrote in our quality policy and economic plan. The fulfillment of these goals and continuous improvements of the quality management system are checked every year at two internal audits and on management review as well. We are proud that as many as 10 employees of the 41 employees in the company are qualified for internal auditors to successfully carry out internal audits.

The primary objectives of the quality management system are:

  • Development and production of products that will achieve and exceed the demands and expectations of our customers, both in quality and environmental management
  • Create a long-term partnerships with our customers and suppliers, because only the good cooperation is key to improving quality in all areas
  • The realization of goals and the realization of quality policy
  • Providing motivation-oriented work environment and ensure good relations between employees and their continuing education and personal growth
  • Capital investment in facilities and equipment to achieve the continuous improvement of manufacturing products and the working environment
  • Concern for the environment – reduce waste, efforts to more rational use of energy, installation of high-quality and environmentally friendly raw materials, use of equipment, which impacts on the environment in accordance with the requirements of the law.