Production program

Production and sale of auxiliary materials for foundry industry and metallurgy:

  • Exothermic Mixtures, insulating covering compounds and anti-piping compounds
  • Refractory products for building a disposable insulating working lining in tundisches and insulating ingot heading tiles
  • Exothermic materials, feeder sleeves, high-exothermic and high-insulating sleeves and shells for feeding
  • Refining-, covering- and cleaning-flux, degasers for non-ferrous metal
  • Recarburisers, inoculants and ferroalloy (FeSi, FeMn, SiC,…) for gray cast iron and ductile iron
  • Water and alcohol based coatings for sand moulds and cores
  • Coatings for chill casting and die casting
  • Products for moulding and core making (adhesive for cores and moulds, binders, moulding sand addetives)


  • Program MAGMASOFT
  • Graphite products for metallurgic industry