Magmasoft® software

Customers’ requirements about shorter delivery times and technologically more sophisticated castings represent casters increasingly daring challenges. At solving those problems the additional help and support is welcome. Just as designers of new products / castings are working with computer tools, so also later in the planning and management of the manufacturing process of them require the use of similar tools that could meet as many customer expectations and that the final product would be as closest to expectations and timely delivered. That is why the company MAGMA GmbH in Aachen in Germany has developed a software package MAGMASOFT ®, designed for simulations of foundry processes. The program was designed at the Institute of metallurgy in Aachen, in cooperation with a number of prestigious foundries worldwide and is the most advanced integrated system for planning casting process, technology analysis and its development.

MAGMASOFT® is the most widely used software package for the implementation of foundry processes simulations and it records over 1300 installations worldwide, including 13 in Slovenia, 1 in Croatia and 1 in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

– PS CIMOS d.d.
– TALUM d.d.
– HIDRIA d.d.
– LIVAR d.d.
– ETA Cerkno d.o.o.
– Kovis-Livarna d.o.o.
– Litostroj Jeklo d.o.o.
– MLM d.d.
– Akrapovič d.d.
– OMCO Feniks d.o.o.
– Croning Livarna d.o.o.
– Letrika d.d.

– MIV d.d.

Bosnia and Herzegovina:
– Jajce Alloy Wheels

MAGMASOFT ® software covers the simulation of entire manufacturing process of casting: filling, feeding, solidification and cooling, heat treatment and the calculation of stress state and deformation of the casting and the tool in all these stages and also in the final, mechanically treated casting. MAGMASOFT® allows the simulation results exporting for further processing by other CAE software packages, such as packages for FEM analysis, which has a great importance to develop an optimal final product. Thus, MAGMASOFT ® software package actually cover the entire development and production cycle of the finished product, from design to finished product forms.

EXOTERM-IT d.o.o. is the exclusive representative of the company MAGMA GmbH in Germany, for a software package MAGMASOFT ® in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia. Besides software sales and services, we provide computer simulation package MAGMASOFT ® and training (basic and advanced) for both the users and for simulations subscribers. In this way we enable our customers to use the world’s leading software package for foundry simulation processes MAGMASOFT ®.

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