Development and research


The innovations are a source of any progress. The employees of Exoterm-it, the Development and Research Department are in charge of quality management of existing products and of development of new products. We co-operate closely with our colleagues from academic circles, our partners and customers. Our department works in the field of research and development closely together with University of Ljubljana, the Department for Materials and Metallurgy of Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, and with our foreign partner Magma GmbH from Germany.

Environmental protection

Exoterm –it d.o.o., realizes its responsibility towards the environment and community in which it operates. Therefore we respect and comply with all environmental laws and regulations that affect our activities, products and services. The high environmental consciousness is one of the basic conditions of development and quality of our products. We therefore stimulate and request a responsible managing of environment at all levels of our operations and activities. We all strive for permanent improvement of environmental conditions, for effective energy, and raw materials management, reduction of emission and effective use of waste raw materials and products. We do our best to reuse the natural sources, to recycle the raw materials and to buy the recycled raw materials and products from our suppliers.

In the beginning of the year 2013 our solar plant with peak performance of 650 kW started operating.