Development and research

Our laboratory

There is no progress without innovation. In this conviction we constantly monitor the quality of our products while developing new ones. Our Development and Research Department closely cooperates with our scientific colleagues, partners and customers, especially the Department for Materials and Metallurgy of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering (University of Ljubljana) and our foreign partner, Magma GmbH from Germany.

Environmental protection

Being aware of our responsibility towards the environment and community in which we work, we respect and strictly comply with environmental laws and regulations. All our products and services are planned, developed, produced and carried out with environmental concerns in mind. We promote and demand responsible environment management, striving for permanent improvement of environmental conditions, reduction of emissions and effective waste disposal. We recycle and buy recycled raw materials and products from our suppliers and do our best to use natural resources including solar energy.

Our 650 kW solar plant (see the images above) has been operational since 2013.